There is a marked emphasis on the quality and standards of the products and services offered in today’s market. Accreditation by SAC confirms the impartiality and competence of CABs, thus fostering stakeholders’ confidence and acceptance of CAB-produced test results, certifications and reports.

SAC’s accreditation programmes can also assist in eliminating the need for each regulator to employ its own specialist assessment resource by promoting the channelling of resources to maintain the regulatory framework. With more companies participating in SAC’s programmes, it is more likely to lead to an open and modern nation for businesses to flourish.

Some of the key benefits include:

Trust, Recognition & Credibility

In the global marketplace, it is both important and advantageous to comply with international standards. The possession of accredited certificates or reports can be a passport to achieving the trust and recognition of customers and relevant authorities. It lends transparency to the CABs’ capabilities and services, acting as a guarantee to the quality of their products and services. Furthermore, SAC enables enhanced acceptance to international markets through the implementation of MRAs, endowing your business with a strategic edge over others.

Improved Service & Quality

Accreditation ensures the highest quality of products and services by reducing the risk of unreliable test results. Cost savings may also be enjoyed from improved productivity, reduced downtime and unnecessary retesting, outweighing the initial sunk cost of accreditation. Accreditation inculcates a forward-looking mindset in the staff, as they are motivated to meet higher standards and expectations to improve service and quality. 

Continuous Improvement Opportunities

Through accreditation, not only will you attain additional customer confidence, you can also enjoy fruitful exchanges with SAC assessors that will provide you with useful information. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to leverage on SAC's expanding network of MRA partners, thus gaining a marketing advantage for your business.