The SAC works closely with other accreditation bodies to establish and maintain the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs), which help to facilitate regional and international trade for Singapore. Based on the results of intensive multi-national peer evaluation of its signatories, MRAs are important in building confidence for the competence and capabilities of an international network of accredited conformity assessment bodies. This is why the SAC’s signatory status in the MRAs is a global passport for enterprises in Singapore, without any need for re-testing, re-inspection and re-certification.


Countries that are signatories of the MRAs recognise that the conformity assessment bodies accredited by their partners operate in an equivalent way, and that they deliver equivalent accreditations, providing the same level of competence and confidence. Therefore, test or inspection reports or certificates issued by the SAC-accredited body are recognised by the MRA partners as equivalent to those issued by their own accredited bodies.

SAC’s MRA partners include various international organisations, such as ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation), IAF (International Accreditation Forum), APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and PAC (Pacific Accreditation Cooperation).